Easiest and Most
Affordable Way to Go Solar

What is your installation guarantee?

90 days or less on the roof or we pay you $500 cash! This makes us put our money where our mouth is and show’s how serious we are!

What does lowest cost guaranteed mean?

We know our pricing is the lowest. If you get another bid for the same system at a lower cost within 30 days of placing your deposit, we’ll return your deposit with no hassle.

How long does installation take?

Installation can take between 6 hours to 2 days depending on the size of the system. Most systems take a full 8 hour installation day.

Can you explain the warranties?

There are generally 5 warranties involved with solar tree. Power, material, inverter, roof penetration, and labor/workmanship. ‍ All of our installers offer the following: ‍ Power: 25 years. All panels degrade at a rate of .25% annually or less. Material: 25 years. Panels will be free of manufacturer defects for 25 years.Inverter: 25 years. Inverters will be free of manufacturer defects for 25 years. Roof Penetration: 10 years. All partners warranty all penetrations into the roof free of leaks for 10 years. Labor/Workmanship; 10 years. All partners guarantee their work for 10 years.

Can I purchase different equipment?

Unfortunately, to keep costs as low as we can, we enter into special purchase agreements that get us amazing material pricing. We encourage you to ask us questions but rest assured we only use the best equipment available.

How does your equipment compare to other companies?

The exact same, oftentimes better.

What type of inverters do you use?

We have both SolarEdge central inverter and EnPhase micro inverter options.

What type of panels do you offer?

Our panels are changing often based on market availability and pricing. We always have top of the line, mono-crystalline panels available with the best warranties. Feel free to chat with us to see what our current panel model is here.

Can I pay cash?

Absolutely, and we encourage it. Why? Because it drastically increases your return on solar and in turn provides better savings to you. Finance is always a good fallback or if cash flow is more important.

How long does it take to see benefits?

In month 1! The month your system turns on your electric bill will drop dramatically depending on the system size and offset you choose. In some cases as low as $6 (there is usually a non-bypassable surcharge on the utility side). With our system costs as low as they are you should see full return within just a few years or less.

What are my payments options?

We always encourage a cash purchase for ROI purposes but do have traditional low-interest loans available upon request. Either way, it always makes sense.

Is your quote accurate?

Based on our research, our system is the most accurate quoting system currently available directly to the public for free.

What roof types do you service?

We offer asphalt, concrete, clay, and metal options of all types.

I’m not sure if my roof needs replacing, can you help?

Absolutely, we can have one of our roofing experts come to take a look at your roof absolutely free once your deposit has been placed.

Do I need to upgrade my main electric panel?

Oftentimes a main panel upgrade is required. We’ll determine this during our in-person or virtual site survey.

If I’m planning to sell my house soon, does solar still make sense?

At the price we’re able to provide to the end-user and because of the current tax benefits, purchasing solar almost always makes sense.

What if I need to replace my roof before installing solar?

We can help! We have an entire roofing division ready to assist at a cost that makes sense, just like our solar.

Will solar work on rainy days?

Yes, but not as effective as a nice sunny day. Don’t worry though! Our quoting software takes historical weather data into account so we should have you covered!

How does solar work?

Solar energy is produced by panels installed on the roof. This energy is sometimes used by the home at the time of generation or sometimes returned back to the grid in exchange for credit. Either way, this means savings for you and a more sustainable form of energy to power your home.

Do you come to my house prior to installation?

Yes, if you decide Solar Tree makes sense for you we will conduct a site survey either virtually or in-person to ensure the project is qualified structurally.

Is a human involved in my purchase?

Not initially. Once you place your deposit you will gain access to our 24/7 live chat support that is monitored by a real person! Our team is small but mighty, we offer award-winning customer service.

What are the qualifications?

Two ways to qualify!

  1. Cash - deposit and progress payment due before installation.
  2. Finance - 650 FICO, 55% < DTI and on the title of the property.

How does Solar Tree Work?

The easiest way to get started is using our quoting assistant found here. This may look like some common web form but it’s incredibly powerful that takes shade, output potential, sun-hours, tilt, azimuth, and tons of other data points to create an incredibly accurate proposal, instantly. From there we ask for a quick $100 deposit to get to work on your project.

How is my Solar Tree quote so much cheaper than competitors?

Technology evolves quickly and so has solar. We’re ahead of the game. Solar has been sold the same way for years. Door to door or through big box markets that have insane marketing costs and overhead. We operate at 90% the cost per sale than most of our competitors and this, in turn, is passed to you, the client.